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                            - WHEN ONE PAGE ISN'T ENOUGH.

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Information boards put machine operating instructions at eye level immediately in front of the operator with as many pages as needed

Information boards are also used for: MSDS sheet holders, manuals, emergency instructions in public areas, kitchen menus, building and operating licences, schedules, start-up & shut-down procedures, etc

Suitable for use in windy and wet places. The page holders can be heat sealed to protect the contents.

Any place where more than one page needs to be easily accessable.

If you want to order in more than single quantities please contact us for the shipping costs as the web site's shipping calculator is not able figure out how to pack economically.

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The Information Board's pages are held firmly with unique brushes at the top and bottom and yet the pages can still be turned easily.

The heavy duty three ring mechanism can be locked in the closed position for added security.

Each Page holds two sheets up to 8-1/2 x 11, one in the front and one in the back

Robax Information Board with 2 pages and mounting hardware.  Made in USA




These Pages are made of a thick stiff white vinyl with a clear glare free pocket on both sides to hold 8-1/2" x 11" pages. With standard 3-hole punching. They can be heat sealed to protect the contents from water, spray, etc. Sold in packages of ten.

(10) pack of Pageholders            

Part No. DH 8511  ......  $48.50 

Shipping weight 2 lbs                 


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infobd_mtg_320.jpg (144236 bytes) DIMENSIONS AND MOUNTING

The Information Board has six 0.20" holes to suit most  mounting needs.  The 1/4" flange also allows for attaching with double-sided adhesive tape..

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